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Garrett Bacher


Garrett is the owner of ATR Fitness and a teacher at East High School in the Rochester City School District.  He is a certified personal trainer and holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.  Garrett has been training for about 20 years.  He got into health and physical fitness at a very young age.  He credits his passion for exercise to his mother Joyce.  When Garrett was a kid his mother would bring him to the local YMCA at 5 am, every morning before school.  His mother would go swim laps and he would work out in the gym.  His mother would always say “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything else”.  As the years progressed Garrett turned his obsession with exercise into a career.  His passion is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives.  Garrett’s hobbies include reading, exercising, traveling, and the outdoors.  Book your free consult with Garrett today and remember “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything else”

Brandon Taft


Brandon is an ASFA-certified personal trainer.  Brandon is an all-around complete athlete. He is a powerlifter, boxer, participates in MMA, gymnastics, and calestitics. He is an all-natural powerlifter who once deadlifted 705 lbs in competition!  Brandon was very active in his youth as well.  However,  about 9 years ago Brandon suffered severe injuries, sickness, and life events that caused him to stop working out.  This sent Brandon into a severe depression, where he would cope by abusing alcohol and eating junk foods.  His weight skyrocketed and his mood severely declined.  At this point in life Brandon hated who he had become.  Finally, one day with the help of positive friends and his boxing coach Brandon vowed to get back into shape and change his life.  (See his before and after pic).  Brandon surrounded himself with positive people and finally got back in the best shape of his life.  Brandon Taft demonstrates a real-life comeback story!  Brandon’s own physical and mental transformation inspired him to help others.  Brandon genuinely cares about his clients and their results.  Reach out to Brandon today for a free trial session.

Scott Ghene


Scott got into personal training after his own journey of losing 100 lbs.  It took him 15 months to accomplish this feat and he fell in love with living a healthy lifestyle.  He has been training at ATR since 2016 and has a great passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals.  Scott also emphasizes the importance of mental health.  He believes a physical change starts in the mind.  Scott is an advocate of having a balanced lifestyle and making healthy choices.  Coach Ghene's enthusiasm and energy are contagious!  He makes getting in shape fun.  Scott’s slogan is “you're too young to be tired'' Come on down and start your transformation with Scott.  He has done it himself and knows what it takes!  Book your free consultation today!

Andrew Aikin


Andrew is a NASM-certified personal trainer.  He is also a decorated bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast.  Andrew won the 2019 NPC Mr./Mrs. Buffalo 1st place overall in the classic bodybuilding division.  Andrew has recently qualified to compete in pro shows.  He is working relentlessly to chase his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.  His work ethic translates directly to his personal training.  Andrew has a passion for helping people become the best they can be.  Andrew offers individualized personal training great for beginners and experienced exercisers alike.  He also provides nutrition programming, for those who want a nutrition plan designed for their personal fitness goals. You will not receive a copycat diet or a generic template. Each plan is tailor-made for you specifically.  A blueprint guide to nutrition can help you lose weight, gain muscle or prep for a competition. This is for those who want to simplify their approach to nutrition. Lastly, Andrew offers Professional Posing Coaching, for those who are prepping for a competition. It is possible to build an amazing physique, but not know how to show it off the right way. Personalized private coaching through your poses and routine can make the key difference on show day.  Don't leave your posing to chance.  Andrew doesn’t just work with athletes, he can help anyone take their physique to the next level. Contact Andrew today to get started.

Zach Democker


Zach is a certified personal trainer and has a certification in fitness nutrition.  He has been training since 2016.  Zach enjoys teaching clients how to build muscle and strengthen their bodies through traditional strength training methods.  Zach’s mission is to teach his clients the long term mindset needed for health and fitness.  Some of Zach’s hobbies include reading books, gaming, listening to podcasts, watching sports, spending time with friends, and of course keeping in shape and continuing working on his own physical fitness.  Start your fitness journey with Zach today!

Elisander Cornier Jr.


Elisander is a certified personal trainer and is also training to become a firefighter for the city of Rochester.  He is at the top of his class!  Elisander grew up playing football for Aquinas High School in Rochester, NY.  During the football season, the team would visit the weight room several times a week.  Elisander fell in love with strength training.  After high school, he continued to train every day.  Elisander decided to take his passion for weight training and make a career out of it.  Sander’s philosophy is that fitness should be fun.  He creates a fun fitness environment for all of his personal training clients and gets amazing results.  Elisander is known at the gym for his infectious laugh.  Elisander’s hobbies include playing sports, lifting weights, watching movies, traveling, and hanging out with his dog Sully.  Come by and try a free session with Elisander it's guaranteed to be a blast!

Robert Demarco


Robert is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.  Rob has been training for over 45 years! Robert opened the first Gold's Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1984.  Robert also created the number one sports beverage company at the time and sold it to Joe Wider in 1997.  He has embodied the bodybuilding lifestyle his entire life.  Robert is one of the premier trainers in the Rochester area.  He has coached several fitness competitors to first-place victories, including the 2021 NPC Big Cat Classic and 2022 Mr./Mrs. Buffalo contest, among many other top finishes.  Robert enjoys training athletes but also has a passion for helping everyday individuals crush their fitness goals.  When Robert is not training he likes to meditate and travel with his wife Kat.  Come see Robert today for a free consultation and get in the best shape of your life!

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